Key West Honors Coffee Butler

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By Ralph De Palma To honor someone is a very special moment worthy of respect and admiration. Throughout history great writers from Homer to Shakespeare have described the qualities of honor in glowing prose. To bestow an honor on another is a recognition of one’s special talent but also a recognition of one’s ideals, integrity, […]

Recording A Legend

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By Ralph De Palma The story behind the release of “A Mother’s Love” by Coffee Butler and Cliff Sawyer. After entertaining Key West for over five decades, legendary Key West entertainer Lofton “Coffee” Butler retired from music and entertaining in 2005. In 2014 I wanted to interview him for my new book The Soul of […]

Key West Buena Vista Social Club

Recording at Bahama Village Music Program Band room.

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  By Ralph De Palma   Since the first sold out concert in 2015, Coffee Butler and Friends have performed four additional sell-out concerts at the Key West Theater.Rob O’Neal covered one of the last concerts for the Key West Citizen and commented that this group was a Key West version of the Buena Vista […]

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