A Mother’s Love

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The song that became the title of this album is a story in itself.  In 1957 Cliff Owens wrote the song in dedication to the love that only a mother can have. He called it “A Mother’s Love”.  It speaks passionately of the wonder and miracle of a mother’s bountiful love.

In the middle of the Bahama Village community of Key West, Mrs. Sara Sands Butler and Mrs. Naomi Saunders Sawyer were the best of friends. Their families spent birthdays and holidays together and their two sons also became best friends. Lofton Ambrose Butler better known as Coffee Butler and Clifford Sawyer grew up in Key West.  Both went off to war and served their nation. Both became successful entertainers and made their mothers proud. They speak of their mothers all the time. They hold them close in their memories. On the way to the studio to record this title song for their album, all they talked about was there two beautiful mothers.

One of the first concerts they performed in the Key West Theater in 2016, the two insisted on performing a tribute to their loving mothers. At the end of their performance of “A Mother’s Love”, there was not a dry eye in the theater.  It’s a great song made even better by these two wonderful performers and their passionate love for two fantastic mothers.


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