Coffee Butler and Cliff Sawyer are Key West treasures

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After coming out of retirement, Coffee Butler and Cliff Sawyer have sold out six live performances over three years.

Rob O’Neal covered one of the last concerts for the Key West Citizen and commented that this group was a Key West version of the Buena Vista Social Club, referring to the 1997 Cuban phenomena.

We have put together this album of music from these two Key West treasures and released it on Coffee Butler’s 90th Birthday!


These two life-long friends performed together frequently throughout their years. They played a steady gig for almost 20 years at Little Palm Island. Cliff would often sit in with his best friend Coffee Butler at his Hukilau gig. When Coffee retired from performing in 2005, fittingly at a Cliff Sawyer concert at the Tennessee Williams Theater, he and Cliff sang Louis Armstrong’s “A Wonderful World”.

Their soulful music is performed with grace and passion. Cliff Sawyer’s vocals have been compared to Johnny Mathis and Coffee Butler has been nicknamed the Key West Louis Armstrong.

Credits for this album include Mrs. Sara Sands Butler and Mrs. Naomi Saunders Sawyer for giving us these two phenomenal Key West talents and fittingly the title song “A Mother’s Love”. This album is the result of a perfect storm of talented musicians, gifted vocalists, and award-winning producer, all giving every ounce of talent.

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